ConsultADD business service

ConsultADD focus on bridging the gap between business and IT to help clients realize measurable business value from their IT-enabled investments. As a result, we are going to become fastest growing consultancies in the industry by combining technology lifecycle and vertical industry expertise and experience.


Leading companies use our customized BPS solutions to gain an advantage in the marketplace. We help you save costs immediately, while making refinements that make businesses work smarter. With the right BPS partner, you can redirect valuable resources more efficiently and strategically. Turn to us and re-focus your internal resources on strategic capabilities to innovate and grow your business.

Our focus: To make change happen successfully. Our clients specifically value our consultants’ extensive and diverse experience in IT, strategy, business process reengineering and change management.

Business Process Service

Organisations today are looking to reduce costs while operating more efficiently. That’s why many companies are choosing to sign up for non-core and specialised business process services. By leveraging business process services, organisations can focus more on their business challenges and innovation, instead of day-to-day operations or IT management.

•Robust analytics and Big Data services offerings
•Used cases demonstrating an exponentially transformative impact on customers’ business metrics
•Differentiated global delivery capability
•Non-linear business models
•Mobile and social Business Process Services

Key Services

Our BPS expertise and deep industry knowledge help us provide full process services to multiple vertical industries around the world. Many of the largest companies source their business processes with us. ConsultAdd Inc has BPS capabilities in the following industries:


•Banking & Financial Services                 

•Communication Services

•Consumer Goods

•Healthcare Services                                 


•Media & Entertainment Services            

•Life Science Services                                    

•Retail Services                                             

•Travel & Hospitality Service,Transportation & Logistics


ConsultADD Challenges

Widespread agreement among business stakeholders and their IT counterparts that innovation and strategic investments in emerging technologies are critical to achieving competitive advantage and delivering shareholder value. But standing in the way are organizational barriers and differences in perspective, focus, goals and objectives. The thrust toward on-time, on-budget delivery and cost reduction have left many IT organizations under-funded and ill-prepared to innovate. Meanwhile, business executives and stakeholders impatient for innovation often fail to appreciate the complexity of and threats to existing IT investments. They want to see measurable returns as fast as possible.

That many, perhaps the majority of businesses are faced with the same barriers, presents a unique opportunity to bring business and IT together to identify, invest in, and measure the outcomes of strategic digital marketing, business intelligence and analytics, process automation, mobility, and related technology initiatives.

Life Science Solutions

ConsultADD makes  use of modern life science research methods to gain a deeper understanding of how nature helps in healing. We assists with regulated and critical business processes, such as submissions management, labeling, digital asset management, pharmacovigilance case processing, clinical data management and analytics.

Demonstrate value with Business Intelligence

ConsultADD  outsourcing solutions collect, analyze and transform customer intelligence into answers and action plans that differentiate your operations. This process allows you to manage and resolve complex product inquires, while carefully and empathetically attending to the special needs of your customers.

Managed Market Solutions for Life Science

Leading companies turn to ConsultADD Managed Markets solution for help. Our mix of IT, consulting, and BPS services deliver business capabilities that streamline the Managed Markets lifecycle. We apply a broad range of skills to the task—from data warehousing to business intelligence and performance management.

Providing competitive Edge in Customer Services

At ConsultADD, we offer integrated healthcare outsourcing solutions tailored to deliver uniquely personal experiences and give your organization the advantage, with superior lifescience customer service solutions.We deliver these solutions with empathy and sensitivity to specific life stage needs.