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Even after two years, Dodd-Frank and its requirements are unclear to the totality of the organization. Many institutions are unprepared because most regulations are not finalized and many deadlines are not set. Considering all the uncertainty surrounding the Dodd-Frank Act (DFA), it’s critical that your organization remains up-to-date and flexible. It is imperative to partner with a business solutions provider that has world-class resources and proven hands-on-expertise that is wide and deep, as well as industry centric and specific.

At ConsultAdd our multi-functional team includes business consultants and subject matter experts who gauge, study and understand the evolving intricacies of the new Dodd-Frank regulatory environment and product specialists and quality assurance experts who can design and implement integrated Dodd-Frank compliance and IT system solutions. This helps ensure that our customers are compliant as regulations take effect in the future.

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