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Online consumers are demanding a richer user experience, greater product information, and more active community participation. Choosing the right eCommerce solution is critical as enterprises look to re-platform, launch new direct-to-consumer commerce presence, or expand into new geographies.

The Consultadd’s CommerceADD, the customized Oracle ATG ¬†eCommerce platform is delivered to the enterprise with the SaaS model. It enables businesses to maximize sales, deliver a superior customer experience across channels, and reduce customer engagement cost.

Our platform is built on state-of-the art eCommerce software. It delivers industry-specific applications that enable enterprises to:

  • Drive multi-channel sales
  • Personalize the online shopping experience
  • Implement segment-based strategies
  • Provide robust merchandizing support

Verizon Telecom 

Business2Business Merchandising Setup – Oracle ATG

Business Analysis, Quality Analysis, ATG, Project Management

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