Project Description:

Managing content in a pharmaceutical company is highly complicated because of the highly structured and regulated nature of the content. ConsultADD had to acquaint itself with these intricacies first to effectively address the challenges, some of which were:

  • The solution delivered had to manage three critical functions, those of creation, delivery, and archival of content. The nature of the client company’s operations meant that the content would be complex as well as geographically disbursed. Infosys had to organize the content into an efficient, organic whole
  • The scope and variety of the data further complicated the task of referencing and retrieving documents quickly
  • 70 users, some from production sites and others from external manufacturing locations, across 15 organizational departments, needed to use the system. Infosys had to implement a solution that would allow multiple users to use the system effortlessly
  • All of this had to be done while ensuring that the client received maximum possible savings of both time and money


Pharmacy Managment

Business Analysis, Quality Analysis, Visio, Calibur, Project Management

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